St Lucia – Secret Beaches and Stunning Waterfalls

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St Lucia – Secret Beaches and Stunning Waterfalls


Right, first things first… when is the best time to go to St Lucia?

For me it’s got to be when the price is right and the cheapest tickets to St Lucia are available – which is going to be around St Lucia’s low season which is between September and October… or after any major holiday events like Christmas or Thanks Giving.

But saying that this article is focused on the best secret beaches and waterfalls which, to be fair, is fairly season-independent!

St Lucia’s beaches and waterfalls aren’t going anywhere fast!

So whenever you go you should be fine.


St Lucia – Secret Beaches


Malgretoute beach

Anse l’Ivrogne

Now this beach is where you’re gonna want to go if you’re a keen snorkeler and/or diver. Its nickname is “Black Hole” due to the 2,000+ ft drop-off near the shoreline. It’s a gorgeous beach and an amazing snorkelling spot. It’s easy to spend the whole day just chilling on this gorgeous beach. You can get here by heading to Pitons Heritage Site (at the bottom  of Gros Piton) and once you’re there you’ll need to hike on foot about 15 minutes from the road.

Malgretoute Beach

It’s not exactly secluded, but it’s still a gorgeous beach – which boasts some of the clearest waters around the island. Plus with the Pitons as a backdrop… it’s a pretty outstanding setting for a paddle! To get there you can either take one of the free shuttle which leaves from Sugar Beach (A Viceroy Resort) or you can walk down to it from the Stonefield Estate Resort.

Anse La Voutte

Most locals know where this gorgeous beach is, and so too should most of your hotel staff. It’s pretty ‘off the beaten track’ so you may well need a 4×4 to get there due to the bad road conditions! But if you are looking for seclusion – you can’t beat it!

Grande Anse St Lucia

If you thought Anse La Voutte was secluded, you’re going to feel like Robinson Crusoe on this stretch of sand. It’s not just the seclusion that makes it special. But from this beach – if you’re lucky – you may be able to spot a few turtles swimming around in the ocean! You can find this gorgeous beach just past the village of Desbarras.

Anse Cochon Beach

Now this is another one of those amazing secluded beaches! So much so that it’s only accessible by boat or via Ti Kaye’s mile-long road. This part of St Lucia is superb for swimming, diving and snorkelling. The sand on the beach is a mixture of black volcanic rock and white coral skeletons, which give the beach weird but wonderful silver tinge!

St Lucia – Stunning Waterfalls


Latille Waterfall

Diamond Waterfall (nr Soufriere)

This is the most visited waterfall on the island so I know I can’t really call it a ‘secret’ one… but there’s no denying, it’s a gorgeous one. The waterfall is about 45 feet high and because the water contains minerals from underground sulphur springs the colours are simply beautiful. Although you can’t swim under Diamond waterfall you can bathe in the mineral rich baths adjacent to the falls. They say that these baths can remove the aches and pains of age and makes you young again!

To get there all you have to do is go through the town of Soufriere, walk down Sir Arthur Lewis Street and then turn on the right just before the bridge over the Soufriere River.

Piton Waterfalls (aka ‘Warm Mineral Falls’)

At this waterfall you can stand directly under it and have Mother Nature give you a nice warm mineral water massage… all for free! You can get to these waterfalls by heading from Soufriere towards the Jalousie Hilton and en route you’ll find the path that leads here.

Toraille Falls (again nr Soufriere)

Again, at this is waterfall you can actually bath under it. It’s pretty… but not as pretty as some of the other ones St Lucia boasts. To get here you’ve also got to go through the town of Soufriere to Sir Arthur Lewis Street and near the bridge over the Soufriere River there’s a sign directing you to these falls.

EnBas Saut Waterfall

To get here you’ve got to go for a bit of a hike (a 4km trek through the Rainforest and Cloud Forest – which should take you about 2 hours). Once you’re here though you’re going to be blown away. On arrival you’re greeted by the sight of two stunning cascading waterfalls. And after your hike you’re going to want nothing more than to immediately jump into the river below the falls to cool off! TheEnbas Saut Waterfall is about 6km after the town of Fond St Jacques. Just ask some of the locals to show you where the hiking trail starts!

Saltibus Falls

Near the town of Choiseul is a scenic rainforest trail that will take you past several cascading waterfalls along the River Doree. Along the way you’ll be able to enjoy a nice and refreshing bath in any number of natural pools. And for all those keen hikers out there after your paddle you can always hike along the Mount Grand Magasin Historic and Nature Trail which takes you deep into the rainforest and then eventually up to the summit of Grand Magasin!

Anse La Raye Falls

These falls can be found inland from Anse La Raye. Once you get there you’ll discover four cascading falls each ending in small pools you can bathe in.

Millet Waterfall

If you travel a little further inland from the Anse La Raye Falls you’ll come to the small village of Millet. From here it’s a short walk to the Millet Waterfall where you can chill and relax.

Sault Falls (aka Errard Falls or Dennery Falls)

This 50 ft waterfall is right in the middle of a stunning forest and requires a bit of downhill hiking and river crossing in order to get to it – which in my opinion makes for better viewing!

Latille Waterfall

This gorgeous little 20ft waterfall cascades down into a deep “swimming pool”. And once you’re there you can explore a little further downstream to discover a lovely watercourse and even more natural pools for you to paddle in. You can find this waterfall can near the village of Micoud


And that’s it! Phew!

If you hear of any more secret beaches or amazing waterfalls – don’t forget to leave a comment in the space below!

Happy Travels!




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