Skip The Myanmar Visa Queue (…in Bangkok)

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Don’t Bother Queuing For A Myanmar Visa In Bangkok!

Here’s a secret short cut that will take you 5mins max!

I’m English and I’ve been living in Japan for the past 2 years… but I still can’t stand queuing! It drives me absolute mental. So when I heard that in order to get a visa for Myanmar in Bangkok I’d have to:

1. Brave the rush hour tubes

2. Get there at 8am (an hour before the doors open)

3. Potentially queue up on the hottest day in the year

My first thought was sod that!


But luckily after whining to a mate the night before about how much I was dreading it… he told me a little secret that meant I didn’t have to queue and my visa application to less than 3 mins to process.

Here’s what I did…


Step 1: Head Down To The Embassy

Like normal head down towards the Embassy where you’d usually have to queue. But instead of joining the already massive queue carry on walking past it on the opposite side of the road. Click here for more info about how to get to the Embassy.


Step 2: Find The Building With Stairs

Carry on walking down the road until you see the first building with some stairs.

The building and stairs should look like this:



Step 3: Head On Up Into The ‘Travel’ Agent

Head on up into the ‘travel’ agent on the first floor, at the top of the steps, on the left, just before you actually go into the building. I but ‘travel’ in punctuation marks because it doesn’t really look like a travel agents. It has a few computers, a front desk and bags full of photocopied visa. But don’t worry – it’s totally legit!


Step 4: Pay

Once you’re there all you have to do is hand over your passport, 2 passport pictures and 1,800 THB. It’s literally that easy.

Step 5: Leave And Return

The only other thing you need to do then is leave and return around 4pm to pick up your passport and visa! No queuing, no waiting, easy as pie… RESULT!


Compared to queuing up in the boiling sun and spending your entire day stuck at the Embassy – I think the additional 540 THB is totally worth it… but that’s just me.


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  1. Coby Smith May 28, 2014 at 7:45 am - Reply

    Such a beautiful landscape. And with things the way they are in Thailand right now – – maybe more people will head to Myanmar. There is another article with more on the rich culture and heritage for fellow travellers – – may be of interest.

  2. Faye August 10, 2016 at 6:36 am - Reply

    Glad reading your article. Hmm. these ways are a little bit easy and effortless

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