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Make Money Blogging


Can blogs make money? Again the simple answer is “YES”.

Although, the one thing you need to realise before heading down this path is that it is by no means a way to make a quick buck. It takes time, dedication and persistence.

With that said, making money through your blog is totally achievable! If you work hard on your site for 2-3 years you should be able to generate a liveable wage for yourself ($500+ per week), which, I believe, is a massive, life-changing achievement. It basically means that you don’t have to do anything else!

Even though there is no quick and easy way of getting to this stage, it should NEVER stop you from trying. All you need is a vast amount of perseverance and patience.

Making money online is the same as making money in the non-digital world.  You need a high quality product or service. For a blog, high quality can be anything from a site that is funny, inspirational, or just really useful. Your website doesn’t have to start out good (mine didn’t and still isn’t :-/), but you do have to make a start and keep improving it until you get it right. It doesn’t have to be new or brilliant, for you to succeed – it just has to add value to your readers.

At the beginning you can’t think about making money. What you need to focus on is making your site as rich and content heavy as possible (i.e. constantly writing new material).

Another question I often get asked is ‘when will I start making money?’ The answer is simple:

The more visitors to your site the more money you’ll generate.


The only way you are going to get more visitors is to get your site recognised or ‘linked-to’ by lots of other websites. This will then lead people to recommend it to their friends and so on and so forth. And eventually your website will climb the Google page ranking and be picked up by more people surfing the web. But again, for people to visit your site and STAY READERS the content needs to be there to attract them in the first place.

The road to success with blogging is long but the rewards are there for people who outlive, what is know in the blogging community as, ‘The Website Winter’. To make your website a success it is usually the result of a long period of small improvements and serious effort rather than working on the occasional weekend here and there. From friends and people I know in the industry this is the typical lifecycle of a website:


Month 0: You’ve set up you’re website and you are full of excitement. You work hard, making it interesting and pretty and upload your first few articles. Even though nobody comes to your site, you don’t care. You are still just excited by your online presence.

Month 1-6 (“The Website Winter”): Your initial enthusiasm for your site has faded. You’ve put in a shed load of work but still you are not getting that many visitors to your site. You may have made a small bit of money from click through’s or the occasional link but nothing to write home about. It is called ‘The Website Winter’ because is the time period that most websites die. Not seeing any silver lining most people become despondent and give up.

(This is the stage that I am at – 6 months in)

But, in order to succeed you need to stick at it even if you are not seeing any worthwhile results!

Month 6-12: You give yourself a kick up the arse (well that’s what I’ve done since I passed the 6 month mark) and you start writing lots more content and getting your website out there in the online community (i.e. publicizing yourself). You start getting a few good link through’s from other sites and you finally break through the 100-visitors-a-day mark! The first trickle of money has started coming in and you can see all your hard efforts are finally paying off. It feels good and you start feeling properly motivated!

Year 1–3: From here it is all hands on deck. Your website is getting better every day. Your writing is improving and steam-lining. You know what your readership wants and you deliver great articles/products. Even with that said, it will still take you another 1+ years of work to truly generate a liveable wage. As I said at the beginning, making money through your website IS totally achievable, but it just takes time and enthusiasm.


Making money through your website is something that you have to enjoy the process/journey of rather than just wanting to get to the final destination. There are no shortcuts and if you don’t enjoy the journey, unfortunately you won’t make it to your end goal.

I know I have not been writing many articles recently – and I feel really bad about that. But that is all about to change. I’ve had a real kick up the butt over the past few weeks and want to make this website something that I am really proud of over the next year or so. So….


Stick with me because the best is yet to come.






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  1. Jonny Blair May 24, 2013 at 12:15 pm - Reply

    Nice article mate! I must say it’s a long, long road…I started my travel blog in 2007 and have written over 1,000 posts on there (all pretty good, detailed and informative) but it’s only now I’m seeing the benefits, almost 6 years later. You can write all the content you want and get the visitors you want but it’s ultimately the links and readers from within your own field that matters most. I was attracting thousands of visitors a month from travellers but none from bloggers, now that I have bloggers reading, things have changed. Great site and hope we can both make our stories a success. Been a long, long road…Jonny

    • Adrian Qais May 29, 2013 at 2:52 pm - Reply

      Wow man – 6 years is a long time… but I bet you are glad you stuck it out. Yeah it would be great if we collaborate some way in the future. Do you have any plans to travel in Japan?

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